How To Write MTech Thesis

To Write MTech Thesis is not simple task. You have to find new things, analyzing them, generating new results, while generating new results you will make mistakes, correct them.


Try various different approaches and writing new results.

Your thesis work may be an extension on past work or it may be an improvement to the existing work.  Your research can be in form of enhancements from the basic work done through base paper implementation. It takes lots of times and its need lots of patience.

In a nutshell, the Art of Dissertation comprises the following simple steps:

  • Topic Selection :- Select a relevant topic for the research. To select the topic you have to read several research papers from the interested domain of research.
  • Base Paper Selection :- After finalizing the domain you have to select base paper. The base paper should be selected from any reputed journals such as IEEE or Science direct.  
  • Synopsis/Case Study :-  The synopsis should clearly define what is your problem statement. Or objective of your research. For this you have to do literature survey, and recognizing what your problem statement is. And mention that problem statement in your synopsis.
  • Base paper implementation:- Implement the base paper. The base paper implementation is the very important work for any research project in Mtech thesis so it can be implemented with the help of any technical expert.  
  • While implementing the base paper a few reference papers are to be studied and based on those reference papers a Review paper in the form of study of various papers for research can be written by the student and can be published in reputed Journals.
  • Research Approach/Research Work: This is the most vital task of your Mtech Thesis implementation. You need some guidance for this. The research work or research approach refers to the enhancements to be done as a research by the student after the base paper implementation. The research can be in form of modification from the basic work done through base paper implementation.
  • If you are stuck at this step  (Some time it  happens), go to step 1 again.
  • Thesis writing:- The thesis writing work starts after the research in the selected project.
  • Always remember that the thesis is the document for keeping a record of your MTech research project so, do not ever take it literally and write it in a proper manner instead of copying it from somewhere else as it is your intellectual property and will be written only once in your lifetime.
  • Publish Paper:  Finally the Research paper can be written containing the modified results of the research. Try to publish your paper in reputed journal.



A dissertation report may comprise the following main chapters:

  • Introduction– An overview of the problem, why it is important, a summary of extant work and, most important, the thesis statement.
  • Literature Review-the chapter that summarizes another work related to your topic.
  • Methodology-the part of the paper that introduces the procedures utilized for the research study and the conceptual model.
  • Data Presentation, Evaluation, Analysis and Interpretation -the chapter involves the presentation of computation values using statistical tools to support the claim.
  • Conclusion-the complete summary of the research findings.

Of course, you must include suitable pages for definitions, illustrations and graphs, footnotes and references, bibliography, abstract, summary, acknowledgement, certificates, contents and title pages.

How To Write MTech Thesis

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