How to write and publish research papers | Scopus and SCI Papers

We have mentioned some very important points. If you use them in your paper, We assure you , You will have an SCI or Scopus Indexed paper within a month.

We will see about how to document a good quality as SCI or scopus level research paper?  how you can write your research Paper ? and how to publish a good paper ? 

We can assure you that by the end of this you will be able to know some very important and valuable points to publish good Scopus or SCI index research paper.

The first and the most important thing while initiating a research or research paper is you should have an idea or an algorithm prepared. Now question arises how to get an idea?

To get an idea first choose your research area.  So go for research area in which you want to work. and that’s not tough to choose, so first choose a research area pin point the research area and then just download two to three good research Journal papers. Here we are not talking about conference papers. Download two to three Journal papers from any good Publishing House of your domain.  This applies to all the students whether you are belonging to engineering background or any other background. Just download two to three good research papers of your area of Interest. Study those research papers for at least two to three times because when you read a research paper, first time when you read  the paper you will get to know what is the structure of the paper when you go through it twice, you will start understanding the paper and when you studied three or four times you will be able to understand Completely. You will understand What is the algorithm that they are mentioned in the paper. So this is a process of how to build an algorithm which is a first thing you need to have for good SEO or scopus indexed research paper.

So after going through a specific bunch of papers three or four research papers.  Read every paper three to four times, after doing this you will have an idea of what they’re going to do in the paper now.

From here this point onwards you have two options either you just improve their research. whatever algorithm they have applied in that particular research paper. You just try to improve that by using some other algorithm. Here you don’t have to do anything new.  Just read the paper three times four times. You will get an idea and and just think in your mind. How you can improve it? So think that how to do  some slight Improvements , If you can think this  you got your algorithm . So once you got algorithm your job is half done. This is called incremental research, means you are incrementing or improving on an existing paper

now second approach to do the research  Which can be Innovation or Innovative research Innovative research. What you do? You just build your own completely new algorithm, it’s very hard for the new researcher for those who are starting or were just warming up into the research. It’s not for them. That’s because of you. So the best way for you can be just to just focus on the incremental research. You can Publish good scopus or SCI and IEEE papers in the incremental research itself.

Now you have the topic you have slight idea of the algorithms now, Now we will see why most of the SCI papers or Scopes papers get rejected ? how to document or right sci paper?  

Point no 1 is writing your title and abstract properly. So it is always advisable if you write your title and abstract,  write this at the end of paper and make them specific, short and properly.  

now coming to the abstract part. I will just tell you very precise and very clearly to make you understand abstract part is a brief introduction of what you are trying to do in the paper. First two sentences of the abstract part will be about what problem you’re addressing,  next two sentences or next three sentences will be about how you’re addressing that problem. mind that you don’t have to mention that algorithm that you are using, don’t write the methodology just an overview three sentences that how you are addressing that algorithm and last two sentence that how your algorithm is performing better than the past algorithms and one very important tip in the last line of the abstract You must have compared to your output which with some previous output. in the final sentence of the abstract. Please mention that our algorithm performs better than this and this algorithm by this much percentage if you write this it will influence the editor. So this was a about the  abstract section.

Then we have an introduction part. I will give you a very precise information about how to write introduction part of the paper. after abstract we write introduction part . So in the introduction part, it will contain three stages.  Stage No. 1 , will explain an introduction of the topic or the area of your research paper.

In second stage, you give slight explanation of the problem that is existing or the problem that you will be addressing in the paper. I will have to give a small explanation that this is the problem. and in your stage no three what you will be doing ?  It would be a brief explanation of how you will be solving that particular problem. So this is the structure. Now a very important thing after these three stages at the end make a section of authors contribution. make a section. It’s in the introduction only,  it’s a part of the introduction but make a section of authors contribution. That’s very important. In this section you can write at least two to  four points of  your contribution to the paper. how you will be solving the problem that you’re talking about in this paper. Whatever you’re doing in the paper. Just explain it in point format, in  two to four points. So this was your introduction section. There should be a flow maintained throughout the paper.

After doing these steps you can write a good SCI or Scopus index paper.

How to write and publish research papers | Scopus and SCI Papers

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