How To Publish The Research Paper ?

  • First you have to identify your area of interest or we can guide you according to the latest technology.  
  • After the selection of topic our expert team will give you a small problem to work in that field.  
  • We will provide you some research paper related to that topic. If you read more paper you will understand the concept better.  
  • We will help you to find out the solution to the problem or we can  improve the existing solution.
  • Once you get some new results, you can publish the results. We will also give you idea about where to publish the research paper. 
  • Depending on the quality of your work , the work can be published in journal or conference.
  • If the reviewers are not satisfied with work then it may be rejected. But If you do work under our team than we will do your work professionally.
  • When reviewers are satisfied with work, then it will be published. If some modifications or clarity needed then they will ask you to work on it and once you incorporate those changes then it will be accepted and published (if it is a conference then presentation is necessary).

Now these days it is compulsory in many universities to publish the Research Paper in MTech. 


At CSI we will guide you how to Publish a Paper. We will guide and reduce your burden of Publishing the research Paper.

How To Publish The Research Paper ?

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